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Build in Motion v2

After a year and a half of the old website, that didn’t explain much about us other than the fact we built software, it was time to show the world what kind of stuff we actually do at Build in Motion. The new website features a work portfolio and information about our product offerings, Swift and Catalyst, and portrays the company in a more professional manner.

Block 292

Block 292 is a new dining concept located in Mt. Lebanon that infuses three services, a Butcher Shop, Market and Dine-In Restaurant. The site was designed to be light and airy, matching the decor of the brick-and-mortar location. I don’t believe I’ve built a website that was as meticulously built for responsive / adaptive layouts to ensure it looks perfect on every device. Additionally, the site features a mobile interface to display pertinent details for on-the-go users.

The Efficiency Network

The Efficiency Network, a.k.a. TEN, is a company that we’re doing a lot of software development for at Build in Motion. The client was interested in streamlining their website by removing much of the content that was superfluous and creating a one-click deep website. After sending me their requirements, I reformatted their website and turned around a finished product within 24 working hours.


I’ve been working with Heinz the past few years to help them define a talent brand that will help attract and retain employees. Due to organizational changes at Heinz over that span, it was a difficult time to start such a project. We were however, able to get this website completed prior to the merger with Kraft.


IDeATe is a program at Carnegie Mellon University that allows students to take courses and labs that span the university curriculum. Students can team up with designers, developers, writers, graphic artists and even theater majors to create new and innovative projects. This was the first client project I used the Concrete5 content management system.

Teslin Substrate by PPG

One one thinks about exciting web development projects, synthetic paper isn’t the subject matter that typically comes to mind. But this wonder-material is used in and on everything from passports, to driver’s licenses, chemical barrels, food labels and more! The project was actually quite complex with many pages and interesting layouts. Plus, the client was awesome to work with.