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The Laundry Chute App v2

While the first version of the TLC mobile app looked and functioned great, we learned that users still needed some help understanding how to get set up to use TLC and also how to manage their laundry through the wash process. Taking that feedback, we redesigned the primary screen to provide a better onboarding experience and present clear information to the users regarding the status of their wash and any actions they must take.

Whittaker Guns

Build in Motion offers a complete e-commerce solution called Swift. The web interface of that platform was developed several years ago and was in desperate need of an update. We worked with Whittaker Guns to build the best mobile shopping experience and increase mobile sales and provide a quality shopping experience on every device.

Boston Sports Journal

Boston Sports Journal was the first spin-off project from Dejan Kovacevic’s wildly popular and successful premium content website, DKPittsburghSports.com. On this project, I borrowed a lot of the architecture from DK’s site but worked closely with the client on logo design, app design, training on the content management system and simply digital strategy. In under 3 months, BSJ has registered over 6000 paying subscribers.

FedEx Damage Auditing App

FedEx was in need of an upgrade to a legacy application used to audit damage to products in the warehouse. In the warehouse, minimizing the number or damaged goods is paramount. Build in Motion developed an application designed for ease-of-use in the toughest of condition’s to help FedEx’s warehouse customers monitor and eliminate product damage.

RJM Wireless

When RJM Wireless contacted me for a new website, their existing website looked like it hadn’t been touched since 1999. They wanted a new, fresher look that would help attract bright young engineers to their firm. RJM’s firm gets contracted out by the big wireless companies to be the real “Can you hear me now?” guys. But they do much more than that. Check them out!

Build in Motion v2

After a year and a half of the old website, that didn’t explain much about us other than the fact we built software, it was time to show the world what kind of stuff we actually do at Build in Motion. The new website features a work portfolio and information about our product offerings, Swift and Catalyst, and portrays the company in a more professional manner.

Block 292

Block 292 is a new dining concept located in Mt. Lebanon that infuses three services, a Butcher Shop, Market and Dine-In Restaurant. The site was designed to be light and airy, matching the decor of the brick-and-mortar location. I don’t believe I’ve built a website that was as meticulously built for responsive / adaptive layouts to ensure it looks perfect on every device. Additionally, the site features a mobile interface to display pertinent details for on-the-go users.