Month: October 2017

The Laundry Chute App v2

While the first version of the TLC mobile app looked and functioned great, we learned that users still needed some help understanding how to get set up to use TLC and also how to manage their laundry through the wash process. Taking that feedback, we redesigned the primary screen to provide a better onboarding experience and present clear information to the users regarding the status of their wash and any actions they must take.

The Laundry Chute v2

After a successful pilot year at the University of Pittsburgh, The Laundry Chute was ready to go all-in and that included a complete overhaul of all systems. We redesigned the mobile app, the website, the iPad app, and even helped in the construction of all new locker system. With renewed marketing initiatives we’re confident that TLC is poised to become an extremely successful company.

Whittaker Guns

Build in Motion offers a complete e-commerce solution called Swift. The web interface of that platform was developed several years ago and was in desperate need of an update. We worked with Whittaker Guns to build the best mobile shopping experience and increase mobile sales and provide a quality shopping experience on every device.