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Build in Motion v2

After a year and a half of the old website, that didn’t explain much about us other than the fact we built software, it was time to show the world what kind of stuff we actually do at Build in Motion. The new website features a work portfolio and information about our product offerings, Swift and Catalyst, and portrays the company in a more professional manner.

Fifth Ace Entertainment

DJ Fifth Ace, or Dan Koch, has been a friend of mine since we both worked at the same night club around the turn of the century, when he became one of Waldron Interactive’s first clients. As we’ve grown professionally, so has Dan’s services. His new website needed to portray professionalism with some fun. The site also features a customer management system used for bookings, contracts, payments and client preferences.


In July 2013, I met without a doubt, the most interesting person I’ve ever met in my life. Randy Gilson is the creator of Randyland, a public art gallery located in the Northside, and Randy’s home. In 2014, I built Randy a simple site on Tumblr, and got him set up on social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so he could share all of his creativity online. Additionally, we launched a Kickstarter campaign and successfully raised over $12,000 to fund an art installation.

Penn Hills Community Development Corp.

I spent two years with the Penn Hills Community Development Corporation between 2012 and 2013. During that time I created a new logo and brand for the organization, a new website, and many print materials. As chair of the communications committee, I published a bi-weekly email newsletter and performed outreach via social media. I even spent some time as a board member.